# This is the english properties file
ObservationTableModel.col0 = Enabled
ObservationTableModel.col1 = Instrument-ID
ObservationTableModel.col2 = Target-ID
ObservationTableModel.col20 = Outlier
GNSSObservationTableModel.col0 = Enabled
GNSSObservationTableModel.col1 = Instrument-ID
GNSSObservationTableModel.col2 = Target-ID
GNSSObservationTableModel.col35 = Outlier
PointTableModel.col0 = Enabled
PointTableModel.col1 = Point-ID
PointTableModel.col41 = Outlier
DeformationAnalysisTieTableModel.col0 = Enabled
DeformationAnalysisTieTableModel.col1 = Point-ID (Epoch 1)
DeformationAnalysisTieTableModel.col2 = Point-ID (Epoch 2)
DeformationAnalysisTieTableModel.col21 = Outlier
CriticalValueTableModel.title = Test statistics \u03A6\u207B\u00B9 w.r.t. the degree of freedom r and q, respectively
VarianceComponentEstimationTableModel.col0 = Group Name
VarianceComponentEstimationTableModel.title = Variance Components = Total Adjustment
DataTreeMenu.pointType1 = Reference Point
DataTreeMenu.pointType2 = Stochastic Point
DataTreeMenu.pointType3 = Datum Point
DataTreeMenu.pointType4 = New Point
DataTreeMenu.catADD_TABLE = Add Group
DataTreeMenu.catDEL_TABLE = Delete Groups
DataTreeMenu.catEXPORT_TABLE = Export Groups
DataTreeMenu.catCOLUMN_FILTER = Set Column Filter
DataTreeMenu.catPROPERTY_TABLE = Transfer Settings
DataTreeMenu.catSEARCH_AND_REPLACE = Rename Point in Groups
DataTreeMenu.groupADD_TABLE = Add
DataTreeMenu.groupDEL_TABLE = Delete
DataTreeMenu.groupIMPORT_TABLE = Import
DataTreeMenu.groupEXPORT_TABLE = Export
DataTreeMenu.groupRELOAD_TABLE = Reload
DataTreeMenu.groupPROPERTY_TABLE = Properties
DataTreeMenu.groupSEARCH_AND_REPLACE = Rename Point
CategoryTreeNode.obsTabArray = Rawdata, Results, User-defined
CategoryTreeNode.pointTabArray1 = Rawdata, Results, User-defined
CategoryTreeNode.pointTabArray2 = Rawdata, Results, User-defined
CategoryTreeNode.pointTabArray3 = Rawdata, Results, Deformation Analysis, User-defined
CategoryTreeNode.pointTabArray4 = Rawdata, Results, User-defined
CategoryTreeNode.defoTabArray = definition, shift, 1D-tie, 2D-tie, 3D-tie, User-defined
MultiInputDialog.title   = Rename point in current group  = Search for point-id
MultiInputDialog.replace = Replace by
MultiInputDialog.mode.normal = Normal
MultiInputDialog.mode.regexp = Regular expression
MultiInputDialog.mode.title  = Mode
DataManager.msg.dbExistBody = The selected database already exists. Do you want to overwrite?
DataManager.msg.dbExistTitle = Overwrite database
DataManager.msg.loadDBBody  = Choosen database successfully loaded.
DataManager.msg.loadDBTitle = Database loaded
DataManager.msg.fileExistBody  = The selected file already exists. Do you want to overwrite?
DataManager.msg.fileExistTitle = Overwrite file
DataManager.msg.exportTableBody  = Data export to file successfully finished.
DataManager.msg.exportTableTitle = Export
DataManager.msg.dbCreatedByNewerVersionBody  = The selected project was built by a newer version of JAG3D.
DataManager.msg.dbCreatedByNewerVersionTitle = Version
DataManager.msg.createReportBody  = HTML-Report %s successfully saved.
DataManager.msg.createReportTitle = Report
DataManager.msg.createAndOpenReportBody  = HTML-Report %s successfully saved. Do you want to open this report in a browser?
DataManager.msg.createAndOpenReportTitle = Report
DataManager.err.jag3dToOldToLoadProjectBody  = Error, selected project was built by a newer version of JAG3D. It can not be read with this version!
DataManager.err.jag3dToOldToLoadProjectTitle = Error
DataManager.err.uniquePointIDBody  = Error, the point %s can not be saved, because this point still exists in the group %s!\nFurther collisions are possible during the import process.\nDo you want to continue the point-import process?
DataManager.err.uniquePointIDTitle = Point-Id conflict
DataManager.err.searchAndReplaceIdBody  = Error, could not rename point %s to %s!
DataManager.err.searchAndReplaceIdTitle = Error
DataManager.err.createReportTemplateBody  = Error, HTML-Template could not create!
DataManager.err.createReportTemplateTitle = Template-Error
DataManager.err.createReportBody  = Error, could not save HTML-Report %s!
DataManager.err.createReportTitle = Error
DataManager.err.openReportBody  = Error, could not open HTML-Report %s in a browser!
DataManager.err.openReportTitle = Error
DataManager.err.exportTableBody  = Error, could not be export selected date to file!
DataManager.err.exportTableTitle = Error
DataManager.err.createDBBody = Error, database could not be created!
DataManager.err.createDBTitle = Error
DataManager.err.noDatabaseBody  = Error, no database selected!
DataManager.err.noDatabaseTitle = Error
DataManager.err.editObservationBody = Error, change of observation from %s to %s could not be saved in the database!
DataManager.err.editObservationTitle = Save Error
DataManager.err.saveObservationBody = Error, observation from %s to %s could not be saved in the database!
DataManager.err.saveObservationTitle = Save Error
DataManager.err.deleteObservationBody = Error, observation(s) could not be deleted!
DataManager.err.deleteObservationTitle = Delete Error
DataManager.err.moveObservationBody  = Error, observation(s) could not be moved to another collection!
DataManager.err.moveObservationTitle = Error 
DataManager.err.editPointBody = Error, change of point %s could not be saved in the database! 
DataManager.err.editPointTitle = Save Error
DataManager.err.savePointBody = Error, point %s could not be saved in the database! 
DataManager.err.savePointTitle = Save Error
DataManager.err.deletePointBody = Error, point(s) could not be deleted!
DataManager.err.deletePointTitle = Delete Error
DataManager.err.movePointBody  = Error, point(s) could not be moved to another collection!
DataManager.err.movePointTitle = Error
DataManager.err.saveDefoTieBody = Error, tie %s-%s could not be saved in the database!
DataManager.err.saveDefoTieTitle = Save Error
DataManager.err.editDefoTieBody = Error, change of tie s%-s% could not be saved in the database! 
DataManager.err.editDefoTieTitle = Save Error
DataManager.err.moveDefoTieBody  = Error, tie(s) could not be moved to another collection!
DataManager.err.moveDefoTieTitle = Error
DataManager.err.deleteDefoTieBody = Error, tie(s) could not be deleted!
DataManager.err.deleteDefoTieTitle = Delete Error
DataManager.err.loadDBBody  = Error, selected database could not be loaded!
DataManager.err.loadDBTitle = Load Error
DataManager.err.numObsPerPointBody = Error, point with the id %s has only %d observation(s) and can not be determined! Please add more observations or enable the point.
DataManager.err.numObsPerPointTitle = Undetermined Point Error
DataManager.err.estimationTypeBody = Error, project contains both %d datum point(s) and %d reference point(s).\nCombination is undefined.
DataManager.err.estimationTypeTitle = Error in point combination
DataManager.err.renameGroupBody  = Error, group name %s could not be saved!
DataManager.err.renameGroupTitle = Save Error
DataManager.err.saveSettingsBody  = Error, global settings could not be saved in the database!
DataManager.err.saveSettingsTitle = Save Error
DataManager.err.saveOptInSettingsBody  = Error, settings could not be saved in the database!
DataManager.err.saveOptInSettingsTitle = Save Error
DataManager.err.saveProjectionSettingsBody  = Error, projection settings could not be saved in the database!
DataManager.err.saveProjectionSettingsTitle = Save Error
DataManager.err.importFile2DataBaseBody  = Error, data could not be saved in the database!
DataManager.err.importFile2DataBaseTitle = Save Error
DataManager.err.importFileDataBody  = Error, file %s is not readable! Please check the settings,\nthe format and the existing data.
DataManager.err.importFileDataTitle = Import Error
DataManager.err.importFilesViaBatchDataBody  = Error, file %s is not readable! Please check the settings,\nthe format and the existing data. Do you want to continue?
DataManager.err.importFilesViaBatchDataTitle = Import Error
DataManager.err.updateBody  = Error, connection to update server failed!
DataManager.err.updateTitle = Connection failed
DataManager.err.noBrowserDetectedBody  = Error, could not detect a web browser!%s
DataManager.err.noBrowserDetectedTitle = Error
DataManager.err.averageDeterminationBody  = Error, average determination failed!
DataManager.err.averageDeterminationTitle = Error
DataManager.msg.noUpdateBody  = No update found, Java Graticule 3D is up-to-date.
DataManager.msg.noUpdateTitle = JAG3D is up-to-date
DataManager.msg.updateAvailableBody  = A new version v%.1f.%d is available.
DataManager.msg.updateAvailableTitle = New version
DataManager.msg.updateAvailableDownloadBody  = A new version v%.1f.%d is available.\nDo you want to connect to <>?
DataManager.msg.updateAvailableDownloadTitle = New version
DataManager.msg.possibleUpdateAvailableBody  = Update check failed. Do you want to connect to <>?
DataManager.msg.possibleUpdateAvailableTitle = Version check failed
DataManager.msg.importFileDataBody  = %d data sets were saved from %d of %d data files.
DataManager.msg.importFileDataTitle = %d data sets saved
DataManager.msg.averageDeterminationBody  = The average determination provides an irreversible data reduction. It is advisable to make a backup\ncopy of the current project first. Do you want to start the average determination now?
DataManager.msg.averageDeterminationTitle = Average Determination
DataManager.1D.pointgroup1 = Point 1D
DataManager.2D.pointgroup1 = Point 2D
DataManager.3D.pointgroup1 = Point 3D
DataManager.1D.pointgroup2 = Point 1D
DataManager.2D.pointgroup2 = Point 2D
DataManager.3D.pointgroup2 = Point 3D
DataManager.1D.pointgroup3 = Point 1D
DataManager.2D.pointgroup3 = Point 2D
DataManager.3D.pointgroup3 = Point 3D
DataManager.1D.pointgroup4 = Point 1D
DataManager.2D.pointgroup4 = Point 2D
DataManager.3D.pointgroup4 = Point 3D
DataManager.observationgroup1 = Leveling
DataManager.observationgroup2 = Direction
DataManager.observationgroup3 = Horizontal distance
DataManager.observationgroup4 = Slope distance
DataManager.observationgroup5 = Zenith angle
DataManager.deformationanalysisgroup = Deformation ties
DataManager.defaultName.1D.pointgroup = Point group 1D
DataManager.defaultName.2D.pointgroup = Point group 2D
DataManager.defaultName.3D.pointgroup = Point group 3D
DataManager.defaultName.observationgroup1 = Levelling group
DataManager.defaultName.observationgroup2 = Set of directions
DataManager.defaultName.observationgroup3 = Distance 2D group
DataManager.defaultName.observationgroup4 = Distance 3D group
DataManager.defaultName.observationgroup5 = Zenithangle group
DataManager.defaultName.observationgroup60 = Baseline 2D group
DataManager.defaultName.observationgroup70 = Baseline 3D group
DataManager.defaultName.deformationanalysisgroup = Ties  = Save
SettingsDialog.abort = Abort
GroupSettingsDialog.fix   = fixed
GroupSettingsDialog.inLSA = Include group in the adjustment
GroupSettingsDialog.frametitle  = Group settings
GroupSettingsDialog.deformationanalysis1 = Epoch 1 (reference epoch)
GroupSettingsDialog.deformationanalysis2 = Epoch 2
CategorySettingsDialog.frametitle  = Transferable settings
CategorySettingsDialog.inLSA = Include groups in the adjustment
CategoryColumnFilterDialog.frametitle = Column filter
GroupSettingsDialog.changeTo1 = Change into refernce point group
GroupSettingsDialog.changeTo2 = Change into stochastic point group
GroupSettingsDialog.changeTo3 = Change into datum point group
GroupSettingsDialog.changeTo4 = Change into new point group
SettingsPane.projectName = Project name
SettingsPane.projectOper = Project operator
SettingsPane.projectDesc = Project description
SettingsPane.estimationType1 = Robust estimator (L1-Norm)
SettingsPane.estimationType2 = Least squares adjustment (L2-Norm)
SettingsPane.estimationType3 = Pre-analyses (network planning)
SettingsPane.deformationanalysis = Deformation Analysis
SettingsPane.iteration = Maximum iterations i
SettingsPane.robustLimit = boundary value for robust estimator k
SettingsPane.defaultName = JAG3D project
SettingsPane.defaultOper = JAG3D operator
SettingsPane.defaultDesc = OpenAdjustment via JAG3D (GNU-GPL) = Save settings
StartButton.calc          = Start adjustment
StartButton.checkDataSet  = Checking number of observations per point\u2026
NetworkAdjustment.iteration = %d. step\u2026
NetworkAdjustment.finaleIteration = Calculating stochastic parameters\u2026
NetworkAdjustment.msg.title = Notice
NetworkAdjustment.msg.estimationFinished = Adjustment seems to be error free.
NetworkAdjustment.err.title = Error
NetworkAdjustment.err.status-1 = Calculation aborted by user!
NetworkAdjustment.err.status-2 = Error, normal equation is singular!
NetworkAdjustment.err.status-3 = Error, robust estimation failed!
NetworkAdjustment.err.status-4 = Calculation aborted, iteration number has reached maximum (max|dx|= %.4e)!
NetworkAdjustment.err.status-5 = Error, not enough free working memory avaible!
ProjectDatabase.err.title = Save Error
ProjectDatabase.err.status-1 = Error, results could not be saved in the database!
ProjectDatabase.saveResults = Saving results\u2026
IndeterminateProgressDialog.title = Busy\u2026
IndeterminateProgressDialog.abort = Abort
IndeterminateProgressDialog.msg.abortBody  = Are you sure, you want to abort the calculation after this iteration?
IndeterminateProgressDialog.msg.abortTitle = Abort Adjustment
MainMenu.project = _Project = _Open project  = _New project
MainMenu.project.copy = _Copy project
MainMenu.project.history = Last edited\u2026
MainMenu.project.exit = _Exit
MainMenu.import = _Import
MainMenu.import.observation = O_bservations
MainMenu.import.point = _Coordinates
MainMenu.import.defoties = Ties (Defo_rmation-Analysis)
MainMenu.import.proprietary.user   = User-defined
MainMenu.import.proprietary.neptan = Beo-File
MainMenu.import.proprietary.m5     = DiNi M5-File
MainMenu.import.proprietary.dl     = DL-100-File
MainMenu.import.proprietary.gsi    = GSI-File
MainMenu.module = _Module
MainMenu.module.coordtrans  = Coordina_te transformation
MainMenu.module.formfitting = _Form analysis
MainMenu.module.geotra      = Coor_dinate conversion
MainMenu.preprocessing = P_reprocessing
MainMenu.preprocessing.approximationvalues = Appro_ximation values
MainMenu.preprocessing.average = A_verage determination
MainMenu.setting = _Settings
MainMenu.setting.teststatistic = Test stat_istic
MainMenu.setting.projection = Pro_jection/Reduction
MainMenu.setting.neighbourhood = Flaw d_islocation scheme
MainMenu.analysis = _Analysis
MainMenu.analysis.congruence = _Point congruence
MainMenu.analysis.rowscheme =  Table _scheme = _? = Look for _updates\u2026  = About _JAG3D\u2026   = Online _Documentation
MainMenu.import.point.fix   = re_ference point
MainMenu.import.point.stoch = stoch_astic point
MainMenu.import.point.datum = da_tum point   = ne_w point
SnapDistanceDialog.title    = Congruent Points
SnapDistanceDialog.snapdist = Snap distance for detection congruent points [m]
SnapDistanceDialog.start    = Search
SnapDistanceDialog.abort    = Abort
SnapDistanceDialog.table.header   = Point-ID A, Point-ID B, <html>|d<small>A-B</small>|</html>
SnapDistanceDialog.msg.abortBody  = During a calculation an abort is not possible - Please wait.
SnapDistanceDialog.msg.abortTitle = Calculation is running
SnapDistanceDialog.msg.congruentBody  = There were %d detects congruent points.
SnapDistanceDialog.msg.congruentTitle = Congruence point
ProjectionSettingPane.title = Projection/Reduction  = Save
ProjectionSettingPane.abort = Abort
NeighbourhoodAdjustmentSettingPane.title = Flaw dislocation  = Save
NeighbourhoodAdjustmentSettingPane.abort = Abort
TestStatisticDialog.title      = Test statistic adjustment
TestStatisticDialog.sidak      = \u0160id\u00E1k correction
TestStatisticDialog.bmethod    = Baardas B-method
TestStatisticDialog.unadjusted = No adjustment
TestStatisticDialog.alpha      = Probability value \u03b1 [%]
TestStatisticDialog.beta       = Test power (1-\u03b2) [%]
TestStatisticDialog.individual = Adjustment w.r.t. the individual test     = Adjustment w.r.t. the global hypothesis 
TableRowSchemePane.title = Table scheme  = Save
TableRowSchemePane.abort = Abort
AutomatedApproximationAdjustmentDialog.title  = Approximation values (polar only)
AutomatedApproximationAdjustmentDialog.adjust = Adjust
AutomatedApproximationAdjustmentDialog.abort  = Abort
AutomatedApproximationAdjustmentDialog.newPointsOnly     = Estimate new points only
AutomatedApproximationAdjustmentDialog.newAndDatumPoints = Estimate new points and datum points
AutomatedApproximationAdjustmentDialog.robustLimit       = Use user-defined robust boundary value = Please wait\u2026
AutomatedApproximationAdjustmentDialog.err.title = Adjustment failed
AutomatedApproximationAdjustmentDialog.err.body  = Error, approximated values could not be calculated!\n1D-subsets: %d \n2D-subsets: %d
AutomatedApproximationAdjustmentDialog.msg.title = Approximation values
AutomatedApproximationAdjustmentDialog.msg.body  = Adjustment completed.\n%d ill-conditioned point(s).\n%s \n%d non-estimated point(s). \n%s
AutomatedApproximationAdjustmentDialog.msg.bodySuccessful = Adjustment completed. No ill-conditioned point(s)\nor non-estimated point(s) detected.
AutomatedApproximationAdjustmentDialog.msg.bodyCondition  = Adjustment completed.\n%d ill-conditioned point(s).
AutomatedApproximationAdjustmentDialog.msg.bodyFailure    = Adjustment completed.\n%d non-estimated point(s).
AutomatedApproximationAdjustmentDialog.msg.abortBody  = During a calculation an abort is not possible - Please wait.
AutomatedApproximationAdjustmentDialog.msg.abortTitle = Calculation is running
AutomatedApproximationAdjustmentDialog.err.status1  = Unexpected error!
AutomatedApproximationAdjustmentDialog.err.status-1 = Calculation aborted by user!
AutomatedApproximationAdjustmentDialog.err.status-2 = Error, normal equation can not be initialised!
AutomatedApproximationAdjustmentDialog.err.status-3 = Error, estimation failed!
AutomatedApproximationAdjustmentDialog.err.status-4 = Error, not enough free working memory avaible!
DataTable.deleteRow             = Delete selected rows
DataTable.moveToFixPointGroup   = Move to reference point group
DataTable.moveToStochPointGroup = Move to stochastic point group
DataTable.moveToDatumPointGroup = Move to datum point group
DataTable.moveToNewPointGroup   = Move to new point group
DataTable.moveToNewObsGroup     = Move to new observation group
DataTable.moveToNewDefoGroup    = Move to new deformation tie group 
SettingTabbedPane.settingsTabArray = Settings, Results, Sketch
CaptionMapLayer.legend = Legend
TableRowSchemePane.scheme0 = Do not use a table row scheme
TableRowSchemePane.scheme1 = Flag ouliers
TableRowSchemePane.scheme2 = Visualisation of redundancy r
TableRowSchemePane.scheme3 = Show influence of relative point location EP
TableRowSchemePane.scheme4 = <html>Mark uncertainty of points \u03c3<small>m</small></html>
TableRowSchemePane.scheme5 = <html>Evaluation of test statistic T<small>prio</small>(\u03B1)</html>
TableRowSchemePane.schemeParameterNameArray2 = <html>Lower limit (0 &le; r<sub>l</sub>)</html>, <html>Upper limit (r<sub>u</sub> &le; 1)</html>
TableRowSchemePane.schemeParameterNameArray3 = <html>Lower limit (0 &le; EP<sub>l</sub>)</html>, <html>Upper limit (EP<sub>u</sub> &lt; &infin;)</html>
TableRowSchemePane.schemeParameterNameArray4 = <html>Lower limit (0 &le; \u03c3<sub>l</sub>)</html>, <html>Upper limit (\u03c3<sub>u</sub> &lt; &infin;)</html>
TableRowSchemePane.schemeParameterNameArray5 = <html>Lower limit (0 &lt; \u03B1<sub>l</sub>)</html>, <html>Upper limit (\u03B1<sub>u</sub> &lt; 100%)</html>
NeighbourhoodAdjustmentSettingPane.scheme0 = Do not use flaw dislocation scheme
NeighbourhoodAdjustmentSettingPane.scheme1 = Distance weighted scheme
NeighbourhoodAdjustmentSettingPane.scheme2 = Multiquadratic interpolation
NeighbourhoodAdjustmentSettingPane.scheme3 = Distance and angle weighted sector methode
NeighbourhoodAdjustmentSettingPane.scheme4 = Natural Neighbour (only X,Y-coordinates, no extrapolation)
SettingsPane.exportCoVar = Export variance-covariance-matrix to project directory
SettingsPane.automatedVarianceEstimation = Automated allowance of variance-estimation
NeighbourhoodAdjustmentSettingPane.schemeParameterNameArray1 = Exponent distance weighted scheme k, Accumulated smoothing value m
NeighbourhoodAdjustmentSettingPane.schemeParameterNameArray2 = Exponent distance weighted scheme k, Accumulated smoothing value m
NeighbourhoodAdjustmentSettingPane.schemeParameterNameArray3 = Exponent [numerator] a, Exponent [denominator] b
CaptionMapLayer.legendPointType1 = Reference Point
CaptionMapLayer.legendPointType2 = Stochastic Point
CaptionMapLayer.legendPointType3 = Datum Point
CaptionMapLayer.legendPointType4 = New Point
CaptionMapLayer.legendObs1 = Leveling
CaptionMapLayer.legendObs2 = Direction
CaptionMapLayer.legendObs3 = Distance 2D/3D
CaptionMapLayer.legendObs5 = Zenith angle
TableTreeTransferHandler.err.moveDataTitle = Drag \u0026 Drop Error
TableTreeTransferHandler.err.moveDataBody  = Error, dataset could not be moved to another collection!
ProjectionSettingPane.noReduction = Cartesian coordinate system without reduction
ProjectionSettingPane.2DReduction = 2D reduction of projection (includes 2D distance and direction only)
ProjectionSettingPane.3DReduction = 3D geometrical reduction (model of sphere, includes spatial networks only)
ProjectionSettingPane.directionReduction = Direction reduction
ProjectionSettingPane.heightReduction = Reduction of height with Hm above reference height
ProjectionSettingPane.gkReduction = Gau\u00DF-Kr\u00fcger reduction
ProjectionSettingPane.utmReduction = UTM reduction
ProjectionSettingPane.heightReferencePoint = Reference height h0 of reference point P0
ProjectionSettingPane.useMassCentre = Use mass centre as reference point P0
ProjectionSettingPane.individualMassCentre = Set user-defined reference point P0
FormatGrabber.title     = FormatGrabber - User-defined format import
FormatGrabber.preview   = Preview   = ID
FormatGrabber.abbr.value= Value
FormatGrabber.abbr.inst = <html>Src<sub>ID</sub></html>
FormatGrabber.abbr.refl = <html>Trg<sub>ID</sub></html>
FormatGrabber.seperator.border    = Seperator
FormatGrabber.seperator.user      = User
FormatGrabber.seperator.comma     = Comma
FormatGrabber.seperator.semicolon = Semicolon
FormatGrabber.seperator.blank     = Blank
FormatGrabber.seperator.tabulator = Tabulator
FormatGrabber.quote.border      = Qualifier
FormatGrabber.quote.none        = none
FormatGrabber.decimalsymbol.border = Decimal Symbol    = Dot
FormatGrabber.decimalsymbol.comma  = Comma
FormatGrabber.csvmode = CSV-Mode
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